How to View iPhone IMEI with 5 Different Methods

How to View iPhone IMEI with 5 Different Methods

To facilitate the checking process, five different methods will be provided that can be immediately activated. Each method certainly has different process details. Curious in what ways can be used? To find out the details, see the following details:

1. Check in Settings

The first method or method that is recommended is to check the iPhone settings. This process is very effective and easy to run. In addition, users do not need an internet network or the like to check.

This sequence of steps of the process will not be difficult for the user. However, if you are still confused about how to do it, in this description, the complete process structure will be given. Check out the details below to find out the exact lineup:

  • As a first step, go to the “Settings” menu on the iPhone. Usually, this menu will also be named “Settings”.
  • If you have entered the menu, the user must select the “General” sub menu, and continue to enter the “About” option.
  • Then, just scroll down until you find the information ” IMEI / MEID” AND “ICCID”. In this section there are a series of IMEI combinations that can be viewed or copied.

2. Check on Dial Phone

The second way to see the IMEI of the iPhone is by using the dial phone button and a certain number arrangement. To do this check, users can use the number *#06#. Just enter this number and make a call.

Later, there will be 15 IMEI arrangements that appear. If there is an IMEI that appears, then the iPhone you have is already registered. This method is easy to run. Although using the telephone call method, the process does not require credit.

3. Check in Finder or iTunes

The third method that is no less functional is to use the Finder. This process can be used as an option if the two methods above cannot be executed for some reason. although the sequence of processes is more, it is still important to understand.

Because the process structure is more complex, the user must understand each part well and don’t miss anything. If only one step is missed, the process can be hampered. For that, consider the following details:

  • To start the process, the user can connect the iPhone to the computer.
  • Then, open Finder on the Mac you are using. If there is no Finder, then you can use iTunes.
  • After entering the software, then just find your iPhone device. This process will be different for Finder and iTunes. If in the Finder, make sure to go to the “General” section. As for iTunes, make sure to go to the “Summary” section.
  • The IMEI combination will appear later. View and copy to duplicate it.

4. Check in Browser

Apart from all the methods above, users can also take advantage of how to view iPhone IMEI in a browser with the official help site. This process can be run if the user wants to use another method. However, because it uses a browser, users need an internet network.

However, the details of the process itself are not that difficult. There are only a few steps to follow. So that nothing goes wrong, make sure all the processes are well understood and followed. Check out the following process to find out:

  • First, make sure to open the browser installed on the device.
  • Then, go to the site address
  • Then go to the main page using the Apple ID that you already have.
  • Next, make sure to select the “Device” option to find the IMEI.
  • Later, the system will run the process and the IMEI combination will be shown thoroughly.

As previously stated, this process requires an internet network. So if the internet used is intermittent, then the process may also be hampered and not run properly. Therefore, make sure the network exists and is present stably.

5. Check at Customs

For the last method, users can take advantage of the services provided by Customs. Currently, Customs and Excise has provided checking services using the official website and application. Users can choose two services from the Customs and Excise easily.

Why can the checking process be done at Customs? This is indeed possible to carry out because all processes for managing incoming goods will be registered with Customs with the appropriate IMEI. So if there is no registered IMEI at Customs, then the item can be confirmed as illegal.

Those are five ways to see iPhone IMEI that can be directly followed. Because there are many choices of methods or methods, the selection process can be done easily. Also make sure each step is followed properly so that there are no obstacles during the checking.

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