Mob Psyco 100: Season Three

Mob Psyco 100: Season Three

The Stoics would say that the control of emotions is the strongest power that the human being could treasure, so that everything that happens around us depends only on oneself. And that is also one of the main themes of Mob Psyco 100 , an anime in which its protagonist tries not to get carried away by them to moderate her extremely powerful psychic powers. Her biggest obstacle will be all the grotesque situations that occur to her, enlivened with a unique sense of humor. His fans are in luck, because the third season of the adventures of Mob and Reigen is approaching and will be available this fall.

3 years after the premiere of the last chapter, Bones, the studio in charge of animating the original work of One, has confirmed the launch of a new campaign, which could be the last one if we take into account that most of the arcs of the manga, which has aroused even more expectation about it. However, it has not been announced as such, so there may still be some more in the air.

It is a very significant series due to its graphic style, the hallmark of director One, creator of other works that are very similar in drawing, such as One Punch Man . Another of the elements by which the author’s idiosyncrasy is easily recognized is in his sense of humor, very bizarre and extravagant and that has fallen into the favor of the audience.

There will be some changes compared to previous seasons, although it is not expected to change too much what has been seen so far. Yuzuru Tachikawa will change his role as director and become executive director, leaving his position to Takahiro Hasui, who had already directed an episode of the previous campaign.

What you need to know about Mob Psyco 100 Season 3

Mob Psyco 100 season 3 premiere date

The first chapter will be released in Spain on October 5 , a few moments after its release in Japan.

Where to watch the 3rd season of Mob Psyco 100 ?

In Spain, the broadcast rights of the series belong to Crunchyroll , the only legal service where all its chapters can be seen. And the new campaign will be available on the platform from its opening day.

Opening of the 3rd season of Mob Psyco 100

One of the aspects that can make a series popular is its song at the beginning of a chapter. And from Mob Psyco 100 we already know what it will be and it has not disappointed at all , being at the same level as the previous ones, something difficult to achieve considering how good they were.

Mob Psyco 100 Season 3 Story

The plot of the new campaign will continue what happened at the end of the previous campaign, when Mob grows a giant broccoli in the middle of the city after his spectacular battle against Toichiro Suzuki. This will be known as the divine tree and will become an object of worship for religious groups in the capital. From it will be born a new entity, the Psychic Helmet, which arises from the fusion of the demon spirit Dimple with the roots of the plant.

The arc will be based precisely on the battle with this new enemy , who wants to become the god of the modern world, and Mob, who is increasingly aware of his potential and is skeptical about the growth of this new entity, of which he discovers his dark intentions and his plans regarding the inhabitants of the city.

But that will not be the only conflict that we can see. A young man named Amakusa tries to track down Hyakki , an organization of spirit monsters. Not being powerful enough, Mob, Reigen, and Serizawa lend him a hand and break into his headquarters to thwart his evil plans. Although the protagonist’s most important and tragic battle will be against his crush, Tsubomi, whose rejection causes Mob to unleash all his power.

This fall is loaded with many new features as far as anime is concerned. The third season of Mob Psyco 100 will be joined by other premieres such as Chainsaw Man , Eternal Boys , Tensei Shitara Ken Deshita , Bluelock or the return of the almighty Bleach , so every week we will have several premiere episodes of our favorite series.

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