Ncell’s Special Offer For Students and Teachers Due to Coronavirus.

Its been a five-month that all the schools, colleges, universities are closed due to COVID-19. The lockdown may have been uplifted but the risk of the coronavirus remains the same in the world. Day by day, the infected person is increasing and still, there is no medicine for this virus. Ncell is providing a special offer for the students and teachers in this pandemic situation.

In Nepal, due to the financial problems in many homes, people are deprived of fulfilling the essential requirements. So, they have to open their business to earn money in order to fulfill their family’s requirements.

Every school, college, and University are closed. The students are staying in their own homes spending their time using different social media, games, video games, and many other things. But now, different online organizations are practicing online classes.

There are different places in Nepal where there is no Internet facility. Most of the people can’t afford it too. They use data packs if they need Internet services. Due to online classes through the Internet, it’s very difficult to manage the Internet facility for all the students, their parents, and the teachers.

For this, Ncell, one of the top Telecom Service in Nepal is offering different discounts for those students and parents and the teachers. This special offer is for the students under HISSAN, PABSON, and NPABSON for online classes.

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Special Offer By NCELL for the Students

NCELL is very happy and excited to provide a special offer to the students and the teachers. By this offer, many students all over Nepal can join virtual classes.

To make better connectivity for both the teachers and the students, Ncell and HISSAN (Higher Institution and Secondary School’s Association Nepal have inked a memorandum of the understanding (MoU) to use the Ncell’s mobile connectivity for online teaching and learning.

Ncell is providing monthly offers to make easy and affordable access to the students and the teachers for better connectivity. This special offer covers voice pack, SMS services, data pack, and many more.

By using this offers, students and the teachers will get the Ncell SIM bundled with 20G data for an online class, 50 min on-net talk time, 120 min daily talk time (CUG members only), 1GB data for an online class through Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams. This offer is just for Rs. 250 excluding the taxes. If you want a monthly package offer then, there is also a monthly package offer for Rs. 350 excluding the tax.

Features for Students and Teachers Total Amount
20GB data (Online Class) Rs 250 (excl. taxes)
120 mins daily talk-time
50 mins on-net talk time
1GB data (3G/4G)
2GB data (4G)
50 on-net SMS per month

Our respected Ramesh Kumar Silwal, the President of HISSAN said that the global pandemic has left a long bad impact, especially on the education sector. This collaboration will help to make the connection through the virtual classes. Through this service, the classes will not be resumed. This special offer will also create a great impact on the teachers and the students.

This service will play a great role in the education sector in Nepal. Not only the education sector, but it also plays a great role in making the future of Nepal too.


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