Whatever the reasons for which you decide to take the step, it is essential to be informed and know the phases of a comprehensive reform before starting the works.

Steps to follow in a comprehensive reform

When you consider a Comprehensive Housing Reform project, you put all your enthusiasm, time and money into it. That is why we tell you all the phases of a comprehensive reform and why it is so important to follow these steps so that everything goes as it should.

1. Detect needs

In order to correctly plan your comprehensive home renovation, spend time thinking about what changes you need. What use is going to be given to each space and what would you need to feel more comfortable in your home. From distribution changes, current problems with some installation to aesthetic issues such as the type of floor or wall coverings.

It is important to think about all this without limiting yourself to be able to transmit it to a professional who will be the one who must analyze it, shape it and propose concrete solutions to each need. Each person has a different way of experiencing their house on a daily basis, and that is why it is so important to adapt a home renovation to those who are going to live in it.

2. New distribution proposal and budget calculation

It is essential to turn to professionals who give you guarantees. We are not going to fool ourselves, a comprehensive home reform is a complex process that encompasses a number of tasks. From the most legal part of permit processing, choice of finishes with hiring unions and finishes. Supervision and organization on site, budget control, response to incidents or reviews and after-sales guarantee. That is why it is so important to have specialized companies that offer a response at all times to avoid possible disappointments.

In our Architecture studio in Zaragoza we prepare personalized proposals for distribution and finishes based on the needs of each client. Accompanying them with a first comprehensive housing reform budget that establishes the first steps to find the best solution for each housing reform.

3. Development of the proposal and choice of qualities and finishes.

It is time to review that proposal, to assess solutions that you already had in mind and others that the Architecture and Reforms studio may have proposed. Thus we will go from the general to the particular, detailing each step of the reform so that the result is as expected.

Also in the steps to follow to reform a house, it will be necessary to assess different finishes according to taste, functionality and cost. And for this it will also be very important to be well advised. So that the whole house has a common thread, a sense of global and balanced design.

4. Construction contract and municipal license

The next step to follow in a comprehensive reform will be to formalize and sign the contract or budget specifying and detailing in writing all the agreed issues. Forms of payment and moments of payment will be detailed throughout the work.

And fundamentally, carry out a work with the security of doing things well. You will avoid possible frights, inspections or fines for doing a work without the appropriate license. Depending on the location of your home, there will be one or another requirement to obtain your building permit or municipal license. For example, for a comprehensive reform in Zaragoza, an urban planning license for a major reform work is needed, which will guarantee the legality of our work.

5. Construction process

And finally the work begins. The phases of a comprehensive home reform are many and range from demolitions, masonry with the erection of new partitions, plumbing, electricity, air conditioning, carpentry, kitchen, tiling… That is why it is so important to have professionals who are in charge not only of the supervision but of the coordination of the different unions and necessary actions in a comprehensive reform.

Another important issue in a comprehensive reform in phases is knowing that unforeseen events may arise due to the state of the home or because a change is proposed during the work. But then a professional and specialized team will advise you on the possible solutions so that you can choose the one that most interests you in each case.

In addition, when analyzing the steps to carry out a reform, it is important to pay attention to the finishes and details. Especially in those last phases of the integral reform. For this it is important to review the entire house and ensure that everything is as agreed

6. Delivery of keys

The moment of truth, to enjoy your new and renovated home. A house with a new distribution that adapts to the new requirements. A functional home that also improves comfort due to the new thermal and acoustic insulation. And a new, beautiful, renovated design home that improves our quality of life in it.

Do the phases of the reform vary between a home and a commercial premises?

A Comprehensive Housing Reform or comprehensive reform of premises , offices or adaptation of clinics , entails the same steps to take into account. With the exception that certain points such as the type of municipal license or some of the work phases will vary. But having professionals in the field will guarantee that everything goes as it should.