Which computer to choose: a MAC or a PC?

Which computer to choose: a MAC or a PC?

Choosing between a MAC or a PC is one of the first keys that the person who wants to buy a computer has to take into account. A dilemma that does not always have an easy solution.

PC and MAC: two different concepts

On the one hand, there is the careful design and graphic approach that the Apple device has , while on the other hand, there is the possibility of having a computer with Windows, the most common operating system . A third way would be to acquire a device with free software such as a Raspberry Pi , but this option is usually discarded by those users without great technological knowledge.

The appearance of the Mac OS (MAC Operating System) had its premiere in 1984 with the Macintosh 128K device. This model represented a graphical revolution in software as it was a much more intuitive and easy-to-use program. A year later the first version of Windows would appear. Both operating systems have many similarities and differences, but while a MAC can only be made by Apple, a PC is produced by many different manufacturers.

Since the end of the 1980s, the disputes about whether a PC or a MAC is better have never ceased , although lately the battle has focused on the struggle between the Cupertino brand and Google to win the throne of Internet -connected devices . In this article we will collect the qualities and points to improve of each of the possibilities to try to argue which one best suits each person.

The characteristics of a MAC and a PC face to face


This point is one of the great qualities of Apple products. Its careful lines and the quality of the materials print a beauty to its devices that is difficult to match. As for PCs, we can find many different designs , from the crudest to more interesting and groundbreaking ones, such as those that allow the screen to rotate 360 ​​degrees.


A MAC is usually included in the high range, so it always has correct technical characteristics. However, PCs can duplicate the raw data of a computer created by the company founded by Steve Jobs.

Those who defend the apple brand maintain that having less RAM memory or processor power does not mean worse performance in functions, since the hardware and software are created to complement each other, it is a much more efficient device . .

This discussion has also spread to the world of smartphones , where the iPhone has slightly lower technical specifications than the flagships of other brands, such as Samsung, which have an Android operating system. The war between both companies is also very intense and there have even been legal disputes.


The range of MACs is not excessively wide , since it is made entirely by a single manufacturer. On the other hand, PCs are built by several different companies and therefore tailor their products for certain market niches.

Connectivity is also important to mention, since an Apple product is designed to be only compatible with another from the same brand , while PCs support many more formats and devices.


It is often said that MACs are expensive, but it should also be mentioned that there are PCs that can double their cost. It is true that Apple computers are not cheap, but they offer a series of characteristics that make the money paid be in accordance with what is received.

On the other hand, having such a wide range, it is normal for the price of PCs to have a much larger range, being able to range from 300 euros to values ​​with six figures.


This point is rarely taken into account, but it is crucial in case our computer has a problem. In this aspect we should highlight the lower number of virus attacks that MACs usually suffer and their speed to update their operating system. If you have a PC, you must have a powerful antivirus installed and it may take time to have the latest versions.

In terms of parts, it is easier to find spare parts for a PC, since you can usually get a similar item from another brand. To solve a breakdown of an Apple device we will have to go only to a specialized center.

Result of the battle between MAC and PC

Broadly speaking, we can indicate that a MAC stands out for having a very well linked operating system and software that produces great efficiency. Its attractive design and ease of updating are other great advantages. For its part, a PC stands out for its adaptability to each type of user and for its ease of being compatible with other devices .

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