5 Guaranteed Very Profitable Money-Making Survey Applications

Profitable Money-Making Survey Applications

However, many users will usually feel uncomfortable or even the method seems complicated. However, there is no need to worry because the following have summarized several survey applications that can make money:

1. Milieu Surveys

The first application to fill out surveys and make money is Milieu Surveys, where millions of people have joined this application. Here users will only fill out surveys by answering quizzes and then will get prizes.

Users who want to join and take surveys certainly need to have an account using an active email address. Here players will be able to get daily topics that need to be filled in by their surveys so they can learn while learning.

Even this application also provides so many types of prizes for the players. By joining and playing in the application, you will certainly get prizes like the following:

  • Cash in the form of an e-wallet balance.
  • Online shopping vouchers.

To be able to get this prize, of course, players need to exchange it first because initially it is points. However, players can also donate all points to donate them.

2. JAKPAT Participates in Survey Get Credit

The JAKPAT application here can also be used as a survey application that can give money to players. Even this application is also claimed to be No. 1 in Indonesia.

How it works is also easy because later this application will accept survey requests according to the client. In addition, these clients can be companies, agencies and even organizations so that they can know the true picture of the market.

Many have joined Jakpat because it offers very attractive prizes. So, there really is no other reason to refuse not to join and play in this one application.

3. Google Survey Rewards

Then the next money-making survey application is Google Survey with Prizes which is indeed this application created by the Google survey team. For anyone who wants to play, of course, you can download the application first and answer basic questions.

If you have registered, the application will usually send a survey at least once a week. This survey will appear in the notification on the cellphone and after that you will get a play balance if you have completed the survey.

For example, the questions are also varied and of course very easy for users. Start with questions such as answering the best logos, interesting promotions and many other easy questions.

4. Curious Cat: Money for Surveys

Curious Cat is also an application that gives cash to players by answering surveys in it. However, this application will only pay the user if they can earn 100 points.

As for the average survey in this application will give starting from 20 percent. To be able to get these points, of course, you only need to give your opinion and the points can later be exchanged into the following:

  • paypal balance
  • Self defrosting

As for how this survey works, it is fairly easy so that players can quickly get points. If you’re curious about how to play, you can check out the following:

  • Answer surveys quickly.
  • Earn money after completing surveys.
  • Please withdraw using paypal by entering your email address and the money will immediately enter your paypal balance.

So, if you really want to join and register here, it’s very easy and anyone can. However, for those who can join in this application only people who are aged 16 years and over because it is only for adults.

5. Rakuten Insight Surveys

Then a survey application that can make money is Rakuten Insight Surveys so that players can get points. Later the points that have been obtained will be exchanged for very attractive prizes.

The prizes that can be obtained are from Tokopedia Vouchers, Grab, Lazada and many others. Maybe a lot of people are wondering how many prizes they will get by playing surveys in this application.

Take it easy because the prizes are quite a lot starting from 25 thousand to 500 points. So, if you want to earn a lot of money, of course you have to be diligent in collecting points by answering all the surveys given.

If you have already joined and become a member, of course now to login and immediately fill out the survey. However, if you have never joined, please download first, register and fill out the survey now.

Those were some recommendations about money-making survey applications that are certainly very profitable. By trying to join this application and participate in answering surveys, it will certainly make money faster.

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