How to earn money and experience in Forza Horizon 5

Driving has never been as enjoyable as Forza Horizon 5 . The possibility of touring impressive places throughout Mexico at the controls of a beautiful vehicle is a very pleasant experience and difficult to equal . If you have the steering wheel on top so that the immersion is even greater, you will have a 100 times better time. But getting all the cars is not as easy as you might think at first : you will need to acquire a huge amount of experience and money to do so.

The main problem is that you need coins to buy cars… and in most cases, you need to have a minimum level to access many of these vehicles. If you have already played previous installments of the game you will know what we are talking about, but to your surprise, in this edition this task is easier .

If you are an ambitious player who wants to test each and every vehicle in the game, stick to this guide and learn the best methods to get money and experience as quickly as possible!

Best methods to earn money and experience

If you notice, all cars, even if it’s the first time you drive them, have two skills from their entire tree. As long as you do them, you can get skill points to unlock even more, something that will help you immediately acquire more coins. The faster you go and the more drifts you do, the more experience and money multipliers you get .

How to make more money in Forza Horizon 5

The fastest method is undoubtedly the wheel of luck. Every time you complete challenges or level up, among the various rewards you can receive are spinners and super spinners. One of the prizes that these contain are 300,000 points, legendary cars and hats: this will allow you to sell all kinds of repeated elements or cars or that you simply do not want. Unfortunately, this will depend on how lucky you are: if you always get legendary cars, you will never lack money, but if what they give you are common…

Another alternative to earn money is the car auction . Generally, you will receive more vehicles than you will take: look for some of the bid houses and get a significant sum of money. You have to know how to haggle and put it at the best possible price, but you will get that over time! Remember that in the old barns you will find vehicles that you can also auction, so visit all the areas of the map well.

The last alternative to earn more money is to have a lot of skill with the wheel and win races. Prioritize the races that have the longest course , because they will be the ones that offer the best rewards.

How to gain more experience

It may seem simple, since they give us experience for simply driving at high speed or destroying urban furniture, but if we chain a series of actions, we will be able to accumulate more and level up faster. The best place to do all of this safely is in large, straight areas, like an airport or the highway from Baja California to the end of the map . It is huge and has curves where you can perform dizzying drifts, which will help you get more points.

Keep in mind that once you pass the 350 km/h barrier , you will not only be farming more points, but you will also unlock more skills, which will directly affect your ability to gain even more experience. From one end to the other you can get half a million points, so in a couple of trips you will raise quite a few levels. Also note the signs to level up .

Another alternative is to rely on super roulettes, where a car will allow you to get unlimited spins. The 2022 Toyota Supra GR  for 55,000 credits will offer you a skill, ‘??? Benefit! ‘, which gives you a super roulette directly. You can buy many of these vehicles and use them to get as many spinners as you want, depending on how many Mastery Points you have. If you do the Baja California route with this car, you will receive both experience and masteries to spend on the skill, so the earnings will be double!

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