Characters available in Multiversus

Characters available in Multiversus

Warner Bros has burst onto the fighting game market with the launch of Multiversus , developed by Player First Games and which is a kind of Smash Bros only with characters from the Warner franchise. And the truth is that the title has had an excellent reception , since in addition to being free, it has gameplay and optimization that make it perfect for competition and fun to watch.

And if there is something that has increased its appeal, it is an extensive cast of characters to choose from. At the moment there are 18 , although new fighters such as Rick, Stripe and Black Adam have already been announced. In this guide, we’ll show you the Multiversus characters that are currently available and tell you what each one does.

List of Multiversus characters

Arya Stark

One of the great protagonists of Game of Thrones . She is an assassin type and, although she adapts perfectly to both vertical and horizontal combat, she is very complicated to handle perfectly since her combos are very complex to link and use at the right time. She moves very fast around the map, but she is very weak.

Wonder Woman

A tank that you will always want to have in your team, as it also does a lot of damage and its movement around the map is not very slow. His attack set is easy to understand and apply , so he could be a good choice for beginners.


It is focused on melee combat and, above all, vertical battles. His defense and attack are balanced and he is quite mobile. In addition, it is easy to play at first with him.

Bugs Bunny

The most famous rabbit in the animated world attacks from a distance (he is a magician) and works very well both horizontally and vertically. It is weak, but in good hands it can do a lot of damage to rivals.


The protagonist of Adventure Time is an assassin who moves very quickly around the map, although he has a weak defense against him. In horizontal battles there is no one to cough at him and if you give him space, he can shatter you in seconds with his hard combos.

Iron Giant

If you are one of those who enjoys enduring and resisting rival attacks, this is your character. It’s slow like him alone and it’s huge , so it’s hard to dodge with it… although you won’t need it a priori . Not everyone can use it well because it will take you a long time to learn, but once you do, you’ll be able to do a good duet with almost any other character.


This character from Steven Universe is the owner of close combat , although she is very weak in vertical battles. Her attack and defense are balanced, making her great for beginners, though landing combos at the right time will be tricky at first.


The other protagonist of Adventure Time is a very balanced character in all his facets , both in offensive and defensive statistics and in combat style. The best option if you have not played yet and are curious, as it can guide you when choosing your gaming profile.

LeBron James

Yes, basketball players also have a place in the game. This kind American citizen, who plays the role of a thug, has a very balanced combat style and remarkable offensive and defensive statistics, although he is a bit slow.


Another character who brings them. He has a very complex grenade combo which you have to know how to exploit with the correct timing . Just to understand it, you will have to put many hours into it… imagine to know how to use it. He is a balanced character not suitable for impatient users and who is the owner of horizontal combat thanks to his artillery.


He is the only original character in the game and he plays the support role , since he has an ability that throws a rope to his ally that prevents him from leaving the map when he is about to fall. The rest of the attacks are focused on zoning his rivals and thus make it easier for his teammate.


Scooby-Doo ‘s owner is a perfect choice for novices , as his moveset is simple and easy to apply, allowing you to quickly adapt to him and learn the needs of combat. He is a bully, so his playstyle is also balanced.

Steven Universe

Another of the complex characters since he has a very wide range of attacks and it will be difficult for you to know when to execute one or the other. He is support and has an ability (a watermelon!) that restores health to his teammates.


He’s so slow that he’ll get on your nerves at times , but when you see him taking hits everywhere and hardly flinching, you’ll be glad to have him as a partner. It does not have a very powerful attack, but it is not bad at all and, in addition, it is very useful in horizontal and vertical battles.

Tasmanian devil

This is one of the fastest thugs in the game , although his stats are very balanced. Be careful to get in front of him without protecting yourself because a combo can easily take you off the map. Another good character to start playing.

Tom y Jerry

The duo is a character in itself that is very complex, as they have a different moveset depending on whether they are together or apart. When throwing Jerry as a projectile , you have to retrieve it or it will die, leaving you weaker and more defenseless until the ability’s cooldown runs out. It is another very difficult character to handle but, when you learn it, it is a headache for the rivals.


The last of the game’s supports . She has unique abilities that are hard to understand and her attacks are meant to boost her partner’s stats and deal damage to opponents at the same time, which makes her a very interesting character.

Harley Quinn

It has all kinds of weapons, it is a real headache for rivals and it moves with a lot of speed around the map, but if you manage to land two hits in a row you will easily defeat it. You have to know how to choose which combos to make and when to risk or not, but it can be a good choice for novices.


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