The best camera drones

The best camera drones

Camera drones are no longer a whim only available to a few. Now you can find very powerful models at reasonable prices, like the ones we show you below. All of them have good features, HD, 2K or 4K camera, and excellent value for money.

If you are a beginner, it is best to start with a cheap drone to familiarize yourself. Later, you will be able to access a mid-range one. The high-end ones are mainly intended for professional use.

Ryze Dji Tello Mini with HD Camera


The Chinese manufacturer Dji, a world leader in the construction of unmanned aerial vehicles for photography and video, is behind this fun drone, ideal for recording amateur level videos. Its 3.8V 1,100mAh battery offers a flight autonomy of 13 minutes .

It’s not much, but in exchange he has other skills that make him stand out from the competition. It’s nearly indestructible, has highly accurate GPS, a 720p resolution camera that takes 5 MP snapshots, and some cool features like 360 ​​capture, EZ Shots, and Bounce Mode.

It reaches a maximum speed of 30 km/h and weighs 80 grams.

  • Price: 109 euros

Potensic T25 with GPS and 2K camera


Potensic T25 is one of the best FPV drones (function that allows you to see on the smartphone or controller the exact view of what the drone is seeing) and one of the most advanced of the Chinese company. It is equipped with a 2K 1080p camera and 120º FOV that is capable of capturing high-quality video and images, especially for a drone of less than 200 euros.

It weighs 185 grams, flies at a speed of up to 25 km/h, and the 3.7V 1000mAH battery offers 24 minutes of flight autonomy.

It includes advanced intelligent flight modes and very intuitive controls, so although it is a semi-professional drone, it is also a perfect option for beginners.

  • Price: 169.99 euros

DJI Mini 2 with 4K camera


We are facing what, for many, is the best and most complete small drone with a camera on the market. In addition to having advanced features, its high-definition camera with a 1/2.3-inch CMOS sensor allows us to record videos in 4K HDR at 30 fps and take high-quality 12-megapixel photos.

A wonder packed in 249 grams of weight. It can fly up to 31 minutes at a speed of 58 km/h, and fly 10 km away from the remote control.

  • Price: 459 euros

Eachine E520S with GPS and 4K camera


Eachine, the brand that has become a benchmark in commercial drones for all audiences, presents us with this spectacular device with integrated GPS, 4K camera, excellent performance and the best value for money.

It is made of high quality ABS plastic, which makes it very resistant to shocks, it is foldable and weighs 180 grams. It can reach a maximum height of 300 meters and can be separated up to 200 meters from the remote control. It is equipped with a 7.4V 1200mAh Lipo battery that provides a range of 16 minutes .

In the front part, it integrates a 4K HD camera with a 120º wide-angle FOV that can transmit video through 5G WiFi technology. In addition, it is compatible with VR Glasses.

  • Price: 126.34 euros

Do you know which drone you want? Whatever it is, if you are going to use it for your professional activity, you should know that you need to take out civil liability insurance, which is mandatory by law.

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