How to Convert Articles into Audio Format and Listen Instead of Reading?

Articles are the piece of information that we read and understand in order to gain some knowledge on the particular subject matter.

We feel really bore to look at the screen whether its mobile or laptop for a long period of time. The light emitted by the screen can cause some serious problems.

If you are reading something on the Internet, let’s say you are reading Techguff article, rather than using a mobile device using a blue filter, it will be more efficient to listen to the audio format of the article.

For this you can use the Epic Privacy Browser and covert the articles into the audio format.

Epic Privacy Browser

Epic Privacy Browser application is one of the first-ever Chromium-based browsers developed to protect the user’s privacy online. This browser can also be used for multiple purposes. It has many in-built features like Ad Block, File Vault, No-Logging Encrypted Proxy, Fingerprinting Protection, Reader mode, Audio Queue, and many more.

One of the outstanding features of the Epic Privacy Browser is Audio Queue. By using this feature, you can easily convert the Techguff article into an audio format and listen to them. This feature will save you time as you can listen to the latest technology news updates while doing household activities or any other work.

How to convert Techguff Article into Audio Format?

To convert Techguff Article into Audio Format, follow the certain step-

1. At first, Download and install the Android application named ‘Epic Privacy Browser’ and open the application, and tap on “Accept and Continue”.

2. On the main page of the browser, open the Techguff .

Now, you can select and open any article that you want to convert and listen to it.

3. Tap on the three dots icon on the top-right corner and select the “add to audio Queue”.

4. To access the audio file tap on “Audio files” which is right above ‘Add to Audio Queue”. Now, here you can see the audio files. Tap on the “Play Button” to listen to the audio version of the articles.

Finally, now you are hearing the Techguff articles. Relating to the Epic Privacy Browser, it is available on Android 4.1 and up, iOS, macOS, Windows.

Epic Privacy Browsers helps not only to convert the favourite articles into the audio format but also helps to browse the articles withouy any adverts, download the clips from any site.


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