The most searched topics on Google in 2021

The most searched topics on Google in 2021

As they point out on the official Google blog in Spain, looking at the search data during the first half of 2021, they suggest that the waters are returning to their course.

If during the past year, the topics were directly or indirectly related to COVID-19, in 2021 there are only a few gaps. In this sense, the issues that have been repeated the most in the search engine related to the virus during the first semester have been “which vaccine do I get” and “why it is convenient to breathe through the nose and not through the mouth”.

Although it is true that the coronavirus is still part of our lives, the concern seems to be decreasing. Instead, they resurface lighter topics that are entered into the search engine to obtain the information that is needed . Thus, football, the stock market, when are some key dates and other curiosities take the cake in terms of popularity on Google.


  • How is Real Madrid doing?
  • How is the IBEX 35 doing?
  • How is Barcelona doing?
  • How is Atletico Madrid doing?
  • How is Betis doing?
  • How is Seville?
  • What is the name of the tallest tree in the world?
  • How are the shares of Santander.
  • How to get to Seville.
  • How to make French toast.


  • What day is today.
  • What time is it.
  • What is happening in Colombia.
  • What’s on TV today?
  • What time is it in Colombia/Mexico/Argentina.
  • Which dinosaur has 500 teeth.
  • What time does it get dark?
  • How holy is today?
  • What time does Nadal play?
  • What vaccine do I get?


  • Because or why.
  • Why do cats purr.
  • Why do I cry for everything?
  • Why do the dogs howl.
  • Why do my legs hurt inside?
  • Why is the sky blue.
  • Why do the ears ring?
  • Why don’t zebras have ulcers?
  • Why do hiccups occur?
  • Why it is convenient to breathe through the nose and not through the mouth.


  • When does Real Madrid play?
  • When does Barcelona play?
  • When does Atlético de Madrid play?
  • When does Spain play?
  • When it’s Mother’s Day.
  • When it’s holy week.
  • When does Sevilla play?
  • When does Betis play?
  • When does Nadal play?
  • When do they change the time?

How many of the above have you searched for? Remember that in order to always have the precise answer to these or any other questions, The Tech Observer offers the appropriate coverage to protect Internet activity. This is the case of the computer assistance service, the digital protection service or assistance in online teleworking, study, leisure and shopping activities.

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