These are the best metroidvania of recent years

These are the best metroidvania of recent years

Many people expected that, with the graphical improvements of next-gen consoles and computers, the 2D platformer genre would eventually die out. And this despite the fact that during the early years of the industry it was the most affordable type of video game for the general public. But far from losing its weight in the market, its importance has been increasing: it is impossible not to see one or two metroidvania occupying the shelves of the best-selling titles of the year. And in this guide, you will find several recommendations in case you want to delve into them

In case you didn’t know, its name comes from the two works that forged its style: Nintendo’s Metroid and Konami’s Castlevania. The main difference between this subgenre and the platform genre in general is the way the story is developed, which is not usually linear and has several quest chains, in addition to the fact that the characters have some kind of ability that can be improved as the game progresses. play. Another of its notable aspects are the maps, which are larger, hide several secrets and will force us to return to areas already visited to continue exploring.

We show you which are, from our point of view, the most outstanding.

The metroidvania games that you should try yes or yes


The Game Kitchen drank a lot from the Dark Souls saga to create this work that has not only been developed by Spaniards, but has also set its lore in elements of Andalusian culture, something that can be seen not only in the scenarios, but also in the enemies. , soundtrack, outfits and NPC.

What began as a title with an ambitious goal on Kickstarter has ended up becoming one of the main representatives of our country in the international market .

Later it was fully dubbed into Spanish and greatly improved the atmosphere of the work. Its mechanics are not complex and the problem is not to master it, but rather the difficulty of the enemies and how unintuitive the game is to show you how and where to advance as well as what to do at all times, something that is part of its magic.

Eternal Night

Another work of Spanish stamp and, for more signs, the first of the Toledans of Aeternum Game Studios. Its premiere has been immaculate, with a work perhaps not so remarkable in its combat system but with an excellent level design and a high difficulty but suitable for the most ambitious users. The overall experience is magnificent and he knows how to fit his different pieces together so that the work shines perfectly.

If you prefer to focus only on the action instead of jumping obstacles, there is a mode that eliminates them completely. Their final bosses are quite peculiar and you will end up very satisfied when you defeat them.

Axiom Verge

His influences from the first 2D Metroids are evident, but he is not limited to being a copy , but he knows how to develop his own personality and has a very rich gameplay , thanks in part to his variety of weapons, his narrative and his graphic style. unique. If you are also nostalgic for the 90s, you will end up in love with this work!

Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Its graphic section is a true work of art . It is an improved version of its predecessor and has generic improvements, but above all it highlights a greater variety of skills, weapons, enemies and a much more mature and adult plot. But don’t let the beauty fool you: it will cost you sweat and blood to finish it… and achieving 100% will be a real odyssey.

Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove


It’s a time travel through the first Nintendo consoles . Its game mechanics are not complex but the title is not easy at all. Its sound effects, its soundtrack, its graphic style and its gameplay will dazzle the most nostalgic, but also platform lovers in general. It is the perfect proof that a lack of resources can be compensated with an excess of creativity. Those who have little patience will soon get bored, because its learning curve is very exaggerated, but those who are able to endure will enjoy one of the most influential indies of the last decade.

Hollow Knight

It is a work that absolutely shines in all aspects . His narrative is simple, but entertaining and well constructed; Its gameplay engages from the first moment, it’s hilarious and it becomes deeper and more intricate. Its level design is an ode to the genre and is so well thought out that the developers have polished even the smallest of details. It is the typical game that everyone likes and makes everyone who enters its world feel truly satisfied.

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