This is Zenless Zone Zero, from the creators of Genshin Impact

This is Zenless Zone Zero, from the creators of Genshin Impact

MiHoYo is being one of the most popular studios in recent years as a result of the success it has achieved with Honkai Impact 3rd and Genshin Impact. And the Chinese company is at full capacity. It is already preparing several releases , among which Zenless Zone Zero stands out , which has a similar style to the previous one but will have its own identity seal.

Real action, huge maps, a wide variety of characters that are obtained through the gachapon system, narratives that are updated… And as for its history, it is inevitable to compare it with Persona , since two realities are established: an apocalyptic present and a space-time distortion known as Hollow, which we can visit thanks to technological advances and where fearsome creatures await us. In case of successfully passing those places, we will receive rewards of all kinds to improve our characters.

Do you plan to try another of the future jewels of the Hoyoverse out of curiosity? We leave you an extensive summary of everything you can see soon!

Everything you need to know about Zenless Zone Zero



Zenless Zone Zero release date

At the moment, there is no set day for its arrival, although we know for sure that it will arrive in 2022. It may be in late fall or early winter , but nothing is confirmed. The first open beta in the West could perhaps come a little earlier.

Minimum requirements to play Zenless Zone Zero

Like its predecessors, the title will be released for PC and mobile. The requirements for Android are unknown, but we do know the requirements for the rest of the platforms, which are:

  • iOS : iPhone 11 or higher with iOS 10.0 or higher, 4GB of RAM and 6GB of free space.
  • PC : Intel i5 or higher, Nvidia GTX 970 or equivalent, 8GB RAM and 10GB free space.

Features of Zenless Zone Zero

The game will mainly take place in the city of New Eridu , one of the few that has survived the apocalypse caused by the ethereals. Our role is to create a squad, called Proxy, to hunt down the enemies and free the rest of the cities.

Nobody is surprised by the fact that the game will have a huge number of weapons : from the classic swords, spears and greatswords to more modern ones such as pistols, saws or rocket launchers. Please note that unlike Genshin Impact , this title is supposed to be set more in the future. In addition, there will be a clear protagonist, who will be accompanied by a robotic version of Paimon, a badger with a hat with LED lights.

Unfortunately, little is known about its battle system, beyond the fact that it will work as a kind of hack and slash in which we will have to defeat hordes of rivals using our physical attacks and the character’s abilities. Many of these combos will be quick time events , that is, we will have to press a series of buttons quickly and in time.

Despite managing several characters, during the battle there can only be one on the field, although there will be some kind of help or support from those who are in the group but out of combat. It is still a similar idea, but with clearly novel aspects . We know it will draw from other combat systems like Devil May Cry and Bayonetta , nothing bad can come of it!

There will be no elements in the game, but there will be factions that will give their members certain types of abilities. At the moment they are confirmed: Casa Gentil, Industrias Belobo and Victoria House Keeping .

Confirmed Zenless Zone Zero Characters

As is the case with most of its games, the characters are obtained through a Gacha formula , that is, almost completely random: you invest points and aspire to a series of rewards. The more money you spend, the more chances of getting what you want.

For now, the following characters are confirmed:

  • Billy (Sly House) – A cyborg who only shows his eyes and who only wields guns.
  • Nicole (Sly House) – A woman with a huge red mane whose briefcase transforms into a weapon.
  • Anby (Cunning House): A short-haired young woman who wields a sword and other bladed weapons.
  • A man from Belobo Industry who has spiky black and red hair that he wears warmly and has several drills in his hands that he uses as a weapon.
  • A little girl, also from Industria Belobo , who has a pirate’s eye patch and attacks with a hammer.
  • A huge giant bear from Industria Belobo that attacks with a metal slab that doubles as rocket launchers.

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