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What is the day with the most online sales in the world?

The Internet boom and the rise of new technologies led by the appearance of the latest generation mobile phones have made electronic commerce, also called ecommerce , rise like wildfire in recent years. All these technical advances have changed habits and made people’s lives easier.
In the middle of 2021, you can make the purchase of the week through your mobile device while you take a walk with your dog.

The great takeoff of electronic commerce

Electronic commerce is an activity that is becoming more and more, and everything indicates that in future years this practice will continue to happen with satisfactory results. The 2020 pandemic was the definitive knock to trigger sales and in Spain alone, the growth in e-commerce turnover grew by 20% and rose to 51 million euros .

If this happens in Spain, at a global level, the data skyrockets and only in this way can it be understood that this activity is transcendental in the GDP of many countries. In 2020, the global value of e-commerce transactions in the world was 4.29 trillion dollars, accounting for 20% of all global retail sales.

The most important days of online sales

Electronic commerce also has its holidays and peak days, such as November 11, the date on which Singles Day is celebrated , also known as the day of the single, which is the day on which more online sales are produced in the world throughout the year.

The United States made Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday fashionable , but Singles Day has advanced to the right these two days, which are famous for representing a high degree of purchases through the Internet.

A Chinese idea to increase online sales

The idea of ​​celebrating a day to commemorate singleness arose in China and this year it will celebrate its fourteenth edition with consistently outstanding results. Nanjing University students decided that 11/11 was a perfect date to celebrate the antithesis of Valentine’s Day , since the number 1 is related in China to people who don’t get married.

The basis of this idea is very simple: give yourself away on the holiday for singles. If this proposal had arisen in another country, perhaps it would not have lit the fuse, but of course, Asia is one of the greatest exponents of electronic commerce worldwide and the Alibaba group, within which the renowned AliExpress web portal is located, has promoted a project that gives millions and millions of profit for less than 24 hours.

In the past year 2020, for example, this company sold products worth 74,000 million euros , figures that once again beat the records of previous years. In order to understand the magnitude of these figures, just one fact is enough: the money spent by the Asian population during those hours exceeds several times the sales that El Corte Ingles can make throughout the year.

Singles Day vs. Black Friday

And everything indicates that these figures will be exceeded again in the next edition of the day in which it is sold the most through the Internet of the entire year. During its celebration, this Chinese e-commerce giant manages to move more than 1,000 million packages and hundreds of thousands of transactions are processed on its website per second. These numbers demonstrate the strength of this Asian country that has won the electronic commerce ‘war’ against the United States.

This idea has broken all expectations in China, but Europe is still struggling to get there. In the old continent the day of the single passes without pain or glory and it is one more day in the calendar, because both in Spain and in the rest of European countries the king is still Black Friday .

Black Friday has made a deep impression in our society thanks to good marketing work and that places it at the top of the table of the days that most transactions take place through the network. During the past year, 62.6% more searches were registered in Europe on this day, making it clear that the American influence on our continent continues to be the most important.


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