Which smart headphone brands to choose

best headphone brands

Next, we list the best smart hearing aids on the market so you can go to the latest, making a smaller or larger investment.
Technological advances have also had an impact on the world of headphones. This instrument is no longer the classic almost tiny hearing aid that connects to the computer through a cable. In recent years, large headphones (and also small ones) that are activated through Bluetooth have become fashionable and that have made connecting them to a music device dispensable.

best headphone brands

Now these smart headphones are related to fashion and many celebrities have made this style a trend: walking down the street with big helmets like hip-hop music fans used to do in the United States, the place where this culture was born, or getting carried away by the latest TikTok hits . And these are the most reputable and desired manufacturers.


It is the quintessential headphone brand and has also become a reference when it comes to smart hearing aids . Within the market, you can find all kinds: from the largest to the smallest, through those that exceed three figures in euros, to the cheapest. They have made a place for themselves in the list of the best for their high reliability and for the great innovations they carry out thanks to technical advances.

BOSE was also on everyone’s lips after announcing the sale of tiny headphones capable of silencing snoring or barking in a room. That is, with these elements in the ear, you will not have any problem sleeping surrounded by noise. But this invention came later, since these sleepbuds , as this model of smart hearing aids is called , even have a built-in alarm.


Sony is another of the brands that must be taken into account when it comes to the world of smart headphones. Some time ago, the Japanese manufacturer launched the Xperia Ear Duo headphones on the market , which incorporate Dual Listening technology and allow you to listen to music and the sounds of the street at the same time thanks to the built-in holes. These will also adjust the volume intelligently according to the decibels outside.


This brand has always been a reference in the world of smart hearing aids for its good relationship between quality and price. These also offer the possibility of listening to your favorite music album or television thanks to its bluetooth or infrared system. Within its wide variety of headphones, you can find the over-ear ones with the Sennheiser Momentum HD1 2.0 Wireless at the head or the on-ear Sennheiser Momentum On Ear HD1 Wireless. For sports, the OCX 686 Sports is highly recommended for its good price.

ROC Live Life Loud

These headphones are usually present in the media because it is the brand of smart headphones created by Cristiano Ronaldo together with the company Sonido Monster. The great popularity and good friendships of the Real Madrid footballer have made these widely used by people from all over the world.

Beats by Dr. Dre.

These smart hearing aids are probably the most popular in the world due to the large number of celebrities who wear them. The price of these is usually high and their reliability is very good, but today, their sales are massive because they are in the heads of the most important people in terms of sports or music. This company was founded in 2008 by hip-hop singer Dr. Dre and, thanks to its success, was bought by Apple a few years later. So profits year after year are more than guaranteed.


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