How to Book Bus Ticket Online in Nepal?

The online system is increasing slowly in Nepal and the newest system introduced in Nepal is an online bus ticket booking. Previously we were able to book the movie ticket or the hotel rooms through online. But now we can book bus tickets also through online.

The online booking of tickets helps the people to save the time that they spend going to the ticket counter. It also help us to select the facilities and the type of seat that we want. There are many sites which are offering online bus ticket in Nepal. Some of the sites are


From the above mention links you can book bus tickets by reviewing all the facilities and book according to your desire. The steps for booking the ticket through online is given below.

Steps for booking bus ticket online in Nepal

Through Website

  • Click on any websites that are mention above.
  • Put your starting point, destination and travel date and then click on the search button. Some sites might have day shift, night shift and return option as well.
  • After that a list of buses will appear with the price tag. You can select anyone according to your desire.
  • Select the available seat that you want to book or purchase.
  • After that, you need to fulfill the passenger detail and then select the method for paying. You can pay money from eSewa, Khalti, iPay, Debit card, etc.
  • It will take some time to finalize your ticket and then you will get ticket confirmation letter.

Buy ticket from eSewa Digital Wallet

We can also buy the ticket from the most popular digital wallet eSewa. eSewa also offers the bus ticket. You can buy the ticket according to your preference. There are various options provided by eSewa like VIP ticket, AC deluxe, tourist bus, etc. You can buy your ticket by following the given steps:

  • Open the eSewa app and click on the bus ticket option.
  • Fill the form from where you want to start your journey and your destination along with the date. Then click on the search button.
  • After that you will receive many options including bus facilities and price. Select the bus according to your preference.
  • Select the available seat and purchase for that seat.
  • After selecting seat fill all the necessary information and then continue the purchase.
  • Confirm your ticket and then the process is done.

Why to use online booking?

There are many advantages of booking and buying the ticket through an online system. Online booking system will help you to save your time that you spend going to the bus counter. There won’t be a problem with paying extra money and you don’t even have to fight for your seat. Through an online booking system, you can easily seat in your home and book your favourite seat at your affordable price.

If you have any suggestions for the online bus ticket booking system in Nepal or any doubt regarding the booking process then provide us with your feedback and questionnaire in the comment section below.


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