Everything we know so far about the NieR Automata anime

Everything we know so far about the NieR Automata anime

Square Enix and PlatinumGames have formed a very successful tandem that has resulted in NieR Automata , a video game highly praised by the press and the gaming community who valued its gameplay, narrative, and character design. Aware of all the potential that they can get out of the franchise, both companies are preparing their landing in another format, the anime, with a spinoff that promises not to be an exact copy of the game, but rather an adaptation that expands the lore that they built so well in their moment:  NieR: Automata Ver1. 1a will be the new series that continues the adventures of androids 2B and 9S .

The fact that the name contains variations from the original has a quick and simple explanation: they do not want an adaptation per se , a copy that retells the story of the video game in another format, but rather an original plot with slight changes that do not disorient the player.

The information available at the moment is rather scarce: at the beginning, its production was confirmed and data was given by drops. We have had to wait for the Aniplex Online Fest to be able to learn about important aspects of its script, animation style, characterization of characters and its release date. The expectation that has been aroused after these first details has been exceptional, especially because behind it will be one of the most successful animation studios of recent years, A-1 Pictures, author of Fairy Tail , Sword Art Online , Nanatsu no Taizai : Imashime no Fukkatsu or 86: Eighty-Six , among others, in addition to Solo Leveling, an adaptation of the manhwa to which much hope has been placed.

The direction of the anime is in charge of Ryouji Masuyama, who will have the collaboration and supervision of Yoko Taro , director and writer of the original games, giving the project greater credibility by having greater links between the game and the anime.

Next, we compile all the existing information we have so that you can prepare yourself for one of the most anticipated premieres of the next year.

This will be the anime NieR: Automata Ver1. 1a

NieR: Automata Ver1 release date . 1a

The first surprise of the announcement at the event was its early release, which shows that most of the time they have been working in secret. According to the information shown in the first trailers, the series will premiere its pilot in January 2023, so it will not be necessary to wait long.

Where to watch NieR: Automata Ver1. 1a

At the moment it is information that is unknown, although given the good synergies between A-1 Pictures and Crunchyroll , it would not be surprising if it could be seen in full there.

Trailers de NieR: Automata Ver1. 1a

The videos left the community in shock since important announcements appear in them that have to do with the path that the series will take. Pascal’s debut in the anime and the prominence of 2B and 9S, with a slight redesign that makes them fit even better in the animated format, are the big news that came after them. But there was another slight detail that left no one indifferent: the soundtrack will be practically the same , with brief tweaks to fit perfectly with the speed and dynamism of the action.

In fact, many of the scenes seen in these short videos will take us to several of the most symbolic moments of the game , which manages to arouse the illusion of even the most skeptical, aware that few video game adaptations have managed to be up to date. original height.

Be that as it may, we only have to wait a couple more months to be aware of one of the productions of the year. 2023 will start strong!

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