The top emotional anime scenes that will make you cry

top emotional anime scenes

Anime has given us some of the best moments of our lives, but also some of the saddest. There are scenes so emotional that they have left us speechless, they have created a knot in our stomach that almost leaves us petrified. Remembering them is always a hard drink, but also a nice memory of that specific moment of the time when we saw it for the first time. We review what is the top of emotional anime scenes.

It has been difficult to choose some and, what is worse, discard others. As always, the selection is somewhat subjective, but we would be happy to hear your opinion on the matter.

saddest scenes in anime

Vegeta sacrifices himself to save Goku, his son, and the earth.

He never stood out for his empathy or his affection, but there is no doubt that Vegeta is the character that grows the most throughout the series. He never put aside his pride or his complicated personality, but he knew how to adapt to the land without shaming the Saiyan race .

It’s hard to choose one of the dozens of emotional moments in Dragon Ball , but this one takes the cake. Regretful of having killed so many people during the tournament and seeing himself responsible for Boo’s birth, the prince is clear that he has to be the one to solve the mess. And for this, he does not hesitate to immolate himself, even knowing that this will be the end of him. The way he hugs his son and apologizes for not being affectionate, the confession of his respect for Goku , the proof of his love for Bulma… Thank you so much, king.

Gon’s frustration

Killua and Gon saw in first person how Kaito fell defeated before one of the most powerful ants. That wound will remain forever in the hearts of both of them, who fought with all their might to enter the expedition that would try to recover their master. But after losing, Gon couldn’t help but burst into tears. He saw himself as someone incapable of fulfilling what he wants , a weak being who explodes when he feels frustrated at not being able to go beyond what he wanted. And the reaction of his best friend is endearing, hurt at being unable to help him.

Portgas D. Ace saves Luffy’s life.

Over the course of the Marineford war, Ace, trying to prevent a hit from Sakazuki from killing his brother, gets in his way and takes the killing blow. Before that, he apologizes for his behavior and for not being able to see him become the pirate king. Not crying is almost impossible when he confesses that he was one of the big reasons he wanted to live . Everything changed for the straw hat from that moment.

Looks like it’s raining…

The death of Maes Hughes was one of the biggest blows the audience received in Full Metal Alchemist . Not only because of the dramatic outcome of her fight against Envy, but also because of how the funeral happens, with the girl screaming that she wanted to see her father again and Roy Mustang confessing to wanting to transmute her body (as the Elric brothers did) and then hide their tears in the most emotional way possible.

Goodbye Itachi

Sasuke always swore revenge on his Itachi . He never forgave him for exterminating his entire clan and from that moment on he would do everything possible to finish him off. And the battle that would end his life could not have been more spectacular. The youngest of the brothers proved to be up to the battle and that all his years of training were not in vain.

But when he thought he almost had it, the elder began to use his best abilities. With a weak but firm step, he was slowly approaching the other, dodging all his attacks. Already in front of him, he confesses everything that happened so far and dies due to a combination of battle fatigue and illness , but not before giving him his amateratsu and taking away the influence that the orochumaru had over his body. A true hero.

it’s just a club


Tsukishima already said it: volleyball is just a club. But the series does not take long to prove the opposite: things have the importance that people give them and there is no objectively fair measure. Therefore, one of the most moving scenes so far takes place after the defeat of Aoba Johsai , where the third-year players say goodbye to the school competition forever.


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