These are the most hated anime of all those that exist

These are the most hated anime of all those that exist

For many, anime is more than just a hobby. It is company, dedication, training, introspection… they are indelible traces and important pieces of our past. But not all of them that we see leave us with the same positive imprint: some of them turned into a horrible experience of which we want to warn you. We will show you a list of the most hated anime so that you can be warned and be prepared if you dare to watch them.

First of all, we clarify that taste is very subjective , but it is still striking that there are many people who share a similar opinion. There is no problem if you liked some of the ones that appear on the list, you may see things that others do not. But in general, if they are, it is because their story is poor, the characterization of the characters is not very successful, the drawing is horrible or because of a mixture of everything.

worst anime ever


The argument is striking: a young student is able to control the mind and body of other people , whom he manipulates to achieve his goals until someone at school realizes it. But everything that underlies from there is a mess. It’s not that the work is bad per se , it’s that with the potential it has, it doesn’t end up getting anywhere. Its development is slow, it is too focused on love ties and its protagonist is horrible and has no charisma.

Mirai Nikki

It is such a polarized anime that there is no middle ground: either you love it or you hate it. We are more of the second group: this work, which is about a kind of battle royale between several students, is so absurd that it is difficult to even keep attention on it. Its gore and thriller elements make it unique, but the plot and its protagonist are unbearable .

Eromanga Sensei

Do you like romantic comedies? If you don’t want to get burned out of the genre, never ever try to watch this series. It is full of clichés, its humor is absurdly bad and its protagonists are hateful. At least his plot is striking: a light novel writer discovers that the author of his drawings is the little sister he had always had to take care of, completely changing the relationship between them.

Tokyo Ghoul

First of all, we must clarify that we are talking about his anime, not the manga. And the criticism comes after season 1, which is entertaining and with a fast and spectacular combat style . But later, everything becomes very absurd: events that are difficult to understand without context are taken for granted, the scale of power does not make much sense, the protagonist does not finish convincing and the motivation of both sides does not seem very clear. This manga deserves a good adaptation, even if it has to be completely redone.

Black Clover

Why does the protagonist have to scream all the time? This shonen was aiming high there during their introduction of it, but it fell short of the expectations that were placed on it. His plot arcs end up being repetitive, since they all have the same structure: the protagonist falls before his strong rivals to, before losing, increase his power surprisingly and turn the tables. The narrative universe does not generate much interest, the protagonists are very flat and their fights are not very far.

Guilty Crown

It is a science fiction series that shows the less orthodox side of politics . It had all the ingredients to become a successful anime, but its staging has been disastrous. And all this, despite his unique drawing style that draws attention from the first moment. His argument is very confusing and leaves many questions in the air that are never resolved.

School Days

It is an anime designed for teenagers , with a basic plot that bases the protagonist’s success on his multiple love conquests, turning women into a simple consumer object. Not only does it perpetuate gender roles, but to top it off it has plot twists that don’t make any sense. We could consider it the most hated and it would not be an exaggeration.

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