Best Niche Perfumes for Her

Whether for your partner, for your mother, for your sister, for a relative or for a friend, a perfume is a very useful gift. Of course, a series of parameters must be taken into account when choosing a perfume for women, since not all women have the same tastes in terms of perfumes, and if we do not get it right, we will look bad. For this reason, in this article, we are going to discover a series of tips to get it right when giving a perfume for women, some tips that we can even apply to choose our own perfume.

Keys to succeed with a perfume for her

The first thing to consider when choosing a women’s perfume is what fragrances she likes. If you are going to buy them for yourself, it is easy, but if you are going to make a gift, this is one of the keys to success. Depending on its components, we find citrus, herbal, oriental, fruity or woody perfumes; a wide range of families of perfumes that complicate the choice. And that we have only mentioned the two most common fragrances, since we can find other more specific ones.

1. White Tea Wild Rose Eau de

It has a very romantic aroma about it. A Sweet-floral fragrance that creates a great mood all day long. Sea Notes, Fern, Mandarin Orange, and Clary Sage make up the top note, while White Tea, White Iris, and Mate make up the heart. This is perhaps the most feminine of all the women’s perfumes on the list. According to guys, it is one of their favourites.

2. La Fille de Berlin Eau de Perfume

In this case, to a rose garden with sea views on one side and a small cedar forest on the other. Smells of roses and Geranium. With a touch of vibrant Palmarosa and a Honey, Moss and Patchouli background. A little herbal and a little floral.

Try The Perfume

The second key to these tips is to try the perfume. You must do it on the skin, because despite the fact that a perfume appears to have an aroma, the degree of acidity of the skin -the famous pH- can modify the final smell. Unfortunately, just because a perfume smells good on one person doesn’t mean it smells good on everyone. When trying different perfumes, you should keep in mind that you can only try 2 or 3 of the same style or 5 if they are from different families before you get saturated. Start with the softest, and try to taste them on distant points so that the aromas do not cross.

Consider Is The Weather

The third point to consider is the weather. It is not the same to give a perfume for winter than for summer. In colder climates we can use soft or intense perfumes indifferently, but if we live in a warmer climate we will need an intense perfume so that the smell lasts longer. Of course, when the body temperature increases, there are perfumes that in summer become saturating, so we will have to find the perfect balance between perfumes and the weather, the time of year and the utility, which leads us to our next point.

We end with a question that, if we are able to answer, will allow us to complete the fourth step to choose women’s perfume quickly: what occasion is the perfume for? A perfume for day to day is not the same as to go out to dinner with friends or for a special occasion. The first thing we will do is differentiate between day and night. Citrus or fruity perfumes, softer, are ideal for the day but at night we can always resort to more intense woody or oriental perfumes.

One last piece of advice when it comes to getting the perfume right is to ask your partner or a friend what they think of the scent of the perfume. Two noses smell better than one, and if you’re in doubt about your choice, asking for help from someone who knows that woman well can mean the difference between success and failure.


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