How to download YouTube videos with a few simple steps

How to download YouTube videos with a few simple steps

YouTube is the most used video platform in the world. Millions of documents filmed by mobile phones in an amateur way or others of a more professional nature are uploaded every day. And it is possible that at some point you need a video from the platform to be able to play it in a place where there is no Internet connection or you simply do not want to spend your data because you do not have Wi- Fi at that time. But now you can have them on your computer’s hard drive if you know how to download YouTube videos .

The best tools to download from Youtube

Currently, just as there are apps for Mp3 Download on your mobile, there are many free programs and online tools that allow you to download videos and audios directly from YouTube . Imagine that you want to learn to play the guitar through tutorials. On the net you will find many of them that tell you how to do it and that are divided into several lessons.

If you want to have them all stored without having to connect to the Internet every time you need to check something, you can download it with any of these tools:

  • Vidmeta: an online Youtube video downloader which is totally free and allows you to download in different formats easily, like  MP4,  m4a and 3gp, without signing up. And the app is available as well.
  • Clip converter: this is an online application that will allow you to download high-quality audio and video easily to your computer.
  • PickVideo: in addition to YouTube videos , you can download footage from Instagram , Facebook or Twitter through this online tool .
  • Free YouTube Downloader Converter: in this case, it is a free program that you must download to your computer to be able to download. Its operation is very simple, you just have to paste the URL of the video you want to download in the Enter video URL section. Then you must choose the download quality of the video in Download quality and click on the Start button . The process will take a few seconds and you will be able to find your video in the Show files section .

How to download YouTube videos with Force Download

But if what you want is to download videos without having to register or install any type of program on your computer, you can use Force Download that will allow you to download them for free from its website.

Upon entering you will find its home page where the instructions are displayed. To download you need the URL of the video , so you must obtain it from YouTube by copying its address.

Paste the address you copied into the blue box that appears on the Force Download page. To do this you must click with the right button of your mouse on the section and select paste. You will see that the link is included in the box.

Click on the Select Format button . The website will redirect you to another page indicating that MP3 downloads have been removed from its platform and inviting you to download in MP4.

Click on MP4, at this moment, a text box will appear on your screen indicating two options . The first one tells you to enter your username and password to start the download if you are already registered. If you are not, and you do not want to register, click on Continue without registering .

At this point the download process begins. On the screen you will see the evolution. To have the video on your computer click on Download MP4 .

In your toolbar you will see the status of the download and the time it has left to finish. When it has been downloaded, you will find the video in your computer’s downloads folder , ready for you to view it in your media player.

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