How to Transfer Balance and Get Security Code in NTC?

how to transfer balance in ntc

Nepal Telecom resumes balance transfer service in GSM prepaid with a new procedure. GSM Prepaid customers can send their balance in the range of Rs 10 to Rs 100 to GSM Prepaid but the number of transfer is limited to 5 times in one day.

Please scroll down below to see the steps that describe how to transfer balance in NTC. In case you have a problem with getting the security code then for that also we have recommended some steps and procedures.

How to transfer balance from NTC to NTC

In order to transfer the balance from the GSM number, you have to follow the following given steps:

  • First you need a security code, and for that you can contact to NTC office.
  • After receiving the security code, dial the number *422*security Code*Phone number of receiver*Money amount# 
  • From this method, the balance will transfer from your GSM prepaid number in NTC. You can also transfer the amount to the CDMA number as well.

How to buy an NTC data pack?

Buying different data packs in NTC is really easy. There are two methods from which you can buy different data packages in NTC and they are USSD request and NTC web portal.

USSD Request

  • Dial *1415# and press the call button.
  • Then you will see different data package options.
  • Type the number assigned in the data package which you want and then click on the send button.
  • Your data package will be activated soon.

NTC Web Portal

  • Browse the NTC web portal.
  • Click on GSM > GSM Service > GSM Data Pack.
  • Then click on Subscribe online data.
  • Form will appear. Fill the form and then click on the buy data pack.

How to Get the Security Code of NTC?

Everyone is busy in their own work. No one likes to spend their time visiting the NTC office for a security code. In order to get rid of this problem, NTC has improved its facilities and now you can get your security code just by sitting at home.

You can get your security code by sending a message scode to 1415.

By sending the message you can receive your security code and in case if you don’t receive your security code within 5 minutes then you can contact the NTC office for the code or you can visit the NTC office also. In the office you need to show your identification so don’t forget to carry your citizenship card. After verifying your identification they will provide your security code.

Please feel free to ask any questions or doubts in the comment section below. We are ready to answer all your queries.

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