Reasons why you should turn on night shift mode if you own an iOS devices

The screen of the smartphone we use releases bright blue light which helps us to see it even in the brightest daylight.

However, blue light imitates the sun’s brightness, therefore, making your brain confused by that light during nighttime. Not to mention the fact that it’ll affect your sleeping schedule hence leading to unhealthy sleeping patterns and also causing serious health problems.

Looking at your phone till late in general, is a pretty bad idea. But if you own an iOS device, you must be very similar to Night Shift feature. You can set this feature as soon as the daylight is gone i.e. you can set it at whatever time you want in the evening. Enabling Night Shift adjusts the display of your phone automatically releasing less and mild blue light.

How to activate Night Shift Mode in iPhone and Mac

For iPhone, you need to open Control Center first. After that, you have to press the brightness bar firmly. Lastly, all you need to do is tap the night shift on.

For Mac, you can click the notification center located at the top right corner in the menu bar. Then you can simply click on the night shift and it will be enabled.

Benefits of Enabling Night Shift Mode

Blue light has been a major threat to our health as we are exposed to it much more than ever before. Back in 2016, Apple came up with the solution to fight the blue light which was iOS’s Night Shift.

  1. Night Shift not only deems the brightness of the screen but also reduces the blue light of the screen which is harmful for our eyes and body. Therefore, it helps in reducing the negative health effects caused by blue light.
  2. Night Shift makes our eyes feel less stressed which is why it has been many people’s favorite addition by iOS.
  3. The bright blue light released by the screen stops the brain from producing melatonin (a hormone produced for sound sleep) causing disruption in the sleeping cycle. As Night mode reduces the unhealthy blue light from the screen, it may as well help people to get better quality sleep.

The biggest question that has been asked is, does enabling Night mode really help in getting better sleep?

Although there isn’t much information about Night mode feature helping in proper sleep, it has been the greatest addition in the feature of iOS.

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