Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru: life is like a race

Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru: life is like a race

Poor those who think that the spokon -sports- genre in anime cannot give real life lessons. You just have to take a brief look at Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru —Run with the Wind in English— a light-hearted series about athletes who compete in relay races, but whose plot is deeper and more moving than we might think a priori .

The work is an adaptation of the homonymous manga written by Shion Miura, which in turn was based on the novel by Shion Miura , which also served as inspiration for a live-action movie . They have all had a fairly positive reception from the audience, in part due to the excellent characterization of their protagonists, their reflection with the viewers and the life lessons they show during their quest.

And one of the best seen aspects is its animation, which knows how to perfectly exploit the emotions of the characters and captures sports movements very well. It is not surprising that the work is from Production IG, authors of the well-known Haikyuu!! , maximum exponent of the genus spokon. Still don’t know the work? We tell you why you should not miss it at any time.

Run with the wind , a fascinating sports anime

Dónde ver Run with the wind

The series is currently available on the Crunchyroll platform , where it can be seen only in original with subtitles in other languages.

How many chapters does Run with the wind have

The anime consists of a single season of 23 chapters of 22 minutes.

Historia de Run with the wind

Haiji Kiyose is a college student who competes professionally in races and marathons. One day, he catches one of his classmates, Kakeru Kurahara, running away from the authorities after robbing a store . Surprised by his speed and running technique, he convinces him to move to Chikusei, an apartment where Kiyose lives together with 8 members of the University Running Club. After becoming homeless due to his recent problems with the law, he has no choice but to accept the offer.

The goal is very ambitious: to earn a place in the Hakone Ekiden race, the most important on the competitive circuit. The problem is that, with the exception of the previous ones, the rest of the team members are completely new and feel, in part, forced to do it. The development of the story is slow and relaxed, but that doesn’t necessarily make it a bad thing: its magic lies in the contrast and in the evolution of each character, who face their own fears, fears and ambitions.

It is a plot of self- improvement , where the role played by each individual and their contribution to the group is essential, showing with small brushstrokes the growth of each one, the effect that their peers have on themselves and the breaking down of barriers to achieve their goals. goals.

Personajes de Run with the wind

  • Kakeru Kurahara : A first-year Sociology student and an experienced runner, as he has been competing since high school, although he became disillusioned due to problems with his previous team, which developed a very individualistic mentality in him.
  • Haiji Kiyose : Chikusei’s resident fourth-year student. He has a lot of sporting ambition and suffered a knee injury that prevented him from making the leap in quality that he longed for.
  • Takashi Sugiyama: One of the most reputable students on campus. He was the first to join the team, which he joined to impress his parents, although he ended up falling in love with the sport.
  • Akane Kashiwazaki : Nicknamed ‘The Prince’, he was an avid manga reader who enjoyed little to no sport. He started out being the worst in the team due to his low stamina and his poor form, although, seeing his teammates, he found the strength to improve.
  • Jo Twins: They started out on the team to get the attention of women, but little by little they began to grow fond of him.
  • Yukihiko Iwakura: He was the one who showed the most rejection to join the team, although he ended up infected by the enthusiasm of the rest of his teammates.
  • Musa Kamala: A native of Tanzania, he moved to Japan to study space engineering and is the one who shows the most willingness to help his peers.
  • Yōhei Sakaguchi: He is one of the oldest and gets carried away by Takashi’s words.
  • Akihiro Hirata: After joining the club, he quit smoking so it wouldn’t affect his sports performance. So he changed it to making small metal figures. He agreed to join the team even though he stopped running in the past because of his coach.
  • Kōsuke Sakaki: He had problems with Kakeru when he caused an accident that affected the entire team, although he is one of the most experienced and managed to find his place in the group.
  • Kazuma Fujioka: He met Haiji before his knee injury and is one of the best on the team, something that pisses off Kakeru, who sees him as a rival to beat.
  • Genichirō Tazaki: Coach of the team and owner of the residence, although the responsibilities are mainly Haiji’s.
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