The most powerful and broken devil fruits in One Piece

The most powerful and broken devil fruits in One Piece

Everything that seemed to be random in One Piece makes sense. Luffy has not become a human with extraordinary powers out of nowhere, but like many others in the series, he ate a food that made him that way. Devil Fruits are the main contributors to turning completely normal beings into superheroes . Although not all of them have the same effect: depending on the species, they will alter one type of characteristic or another of their consumer.

In addition to our beloved protagonist, who can stretch like a rubber band, we have seen other characters throughout the story whose devil fruit made them a powerful enemy to beat : Ope Ope and his object manipulation powers; Tori Tori and the power to become a phoenix; Ito Ito and chain management; Magu Magu and the control of fire; o Gura Gura and the generation of earthquakes are just some of the examples seen throughout history.

Next, we review which are the strongest devil fruits of the 183 that currently exist.

The most powerful devil fruits in One Piece

Kozuki Momonosuke

Of type Zoan, it is one of the few artificial devil fruits, created by doctor Vegapunk, who worked for the Marines. Its consumption allows the user to become an oriental dragon , which flies by gliding through the clouds that it can generate. Like natural fruits, it makes its user weak to water. Momonosuke has yet to exploit the potential of his powers, although just being able to take the form of a dragon is enough to include him on the list.

Soru Soru no Mi

This Paramecia is completely broken , since although it is a power that may not be unbalanced in combat, in general it is a fantasy: its consumer, Big Mom, can shorten the lifespan of all the humans that are close to her. and manipulate your soul. She can even remove pieces of her soul to give life to inert beings.

Akuma no Mi

other paramecia. This was consumed by Karasu, the commander of the Northern Army of the revolutionaries. The fruit allows him to turn his body and clothes into ravens , something that makes him nearly invulnerable because he can easily run away and escape. He has shown his potential on several occasions, such as when he took the swords from the entire Pinkbeard Pirates army in mere seconds. He can use ravens to transport people.

Kage Kage no Mi

This Paramecia is as powerful as it is limitless. In theory, it gives you full control over the shadows of humans, but its implications go beyond that: it can change with the shadows of others, absorb them and thus gain the full power of their original possessor, and even transfer them to a corpse to be destroyed. create zombies. This fruit was consumed by Gekko Moriah, captain of the Thriller Bark Pirates and one of the highest capture rewards in the Seven Seas.

Toshi Toshi

Another Paramecia whose power is simple, but powerful. Her consumer is Jewelry Bonney, the captain of the group that bears her last name and one of the members of the worst generation of pirates in history. She is she can control her age or that of other people , something that allows her to get rid of enemies by aging them.

Magu Magu no Mi

Of the Logia type, it gives its user absolute control of the magma : they can generate it whenever they want, manipulate it and even become it. The last possessor of it was Sakazuki, Admiral of the Marine Headquarters Fleet. His power surpasses other similar fruits, such as Ace’s Mera Mera and his brother Sabo’s, which control fire. He can even change the weather by unleashing all of his powers.

Hie Hie no Mi

This Logia fruit allows its holder to produce, manipulate, and even transform into ice . Its current owner is Aokiji, who left the Navy after being defeated by Sakazuki and now works with the Blackbeard Pirates. It is one of the few that has eaten a fruit that has some resistance to it, being able to use its powers even when it has fallen to it.

Buki Buki no Mi

This Paramecia allows its user to transform any part of their body into a weapon . Simple, but effective and powerful. The owner of it, Baby 5, has used it to create weapons of all kinds, including explosives. Despite detonating itself, it didn’t hurt itself.


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