The return of Dragon Ball Super is made to beg

The return of Dragon Ball Super is made to beg

40 is the new 20 . It is an affirmation that many share today to reaffirm their youth and that, ironically, can also be transferred to narrative franchises. This is the case of Dragon Ball, which in 2024 will reach quarantine more alive than ever.

And who would have thought it when Dragon Ball GT , which was expected to be the last anime in the series, ended back in the late 2000s . Currently, many are waiting for the return of Dragon Ball Super , especially when his latest movie is about to be released.

Since the arc of the tournament of dimensions ended at the end of 2017, the anime has not shown signs of returning, even despite the fact that the saga hit theaters twice: from the hand of Broly and with the film Super Hero , which puts Gohan and Piccolo as the main protagonists. His absence is surprising, especially considering that the manga has continued to be published without major interruptions.

But it seems that the wait is about to end . Vegeta and Goku continue to get stronger and more powerful rivals have come to face them, new transformations through. The release of the film can be an excellent opportunity to announce his return, especially when his name is in all the big ad pools. Be that as it may, the adventures of Akira Toriyama have a lot of material to cut at the moment.

What we know about the new season of Dragon Ball Super

Release date of the new season of Dragon Ball Super

About a year ago, Toei Animation announced that it was in development for a sequel to the anime. Aware of all the problems that the beginning of the series suffered, the studio has decided to give itself more time for its creation and thus please all the fans. The specific release date is unknown, but the owners of the license assure that it will be in 2023 .

Where to watch the new season of Dragon Ball Super

It is the biggest unknown of all. During its beginnings, it was Selecta Vision that had the license to release its chapters on Simulcast, but it is possible that Crunchyroll , after absorbing other platforms such as Animation, will bid hard for its rights. We will have to wait a while to know for sure where and when to see the new chapters. In Spain, at the moment the previous chapters can only be seen legally through the bluerray that Selecta Vision markets.

Plot of the new season of Dragon Ball Super

The next campaign will pick up the action after what happened in the Broly movie. After fighting with him, Goku and Vegeta return to earth and learn that an intergalactic patrol has arrested Boo to use him to fight one of the strongest villains in the universe, who 10 million years later recovers all the powers he once had . were stolen and threatens life in the universe. In their search, they learn the true past of the pink monster, who, when he was little, absorbed the Great Kaio Shin of Universe 7 and that is why the Intergalactic Patrol needs him: because a villain he defeated is back and they need his help.

His name is Merus, a powerful wizard who travels to the New Planet Namek in search of the dragon balls to recover their power and create a universe where he can eat planets as he pleases.

The two Saiyans and Boo will be in charge of defeating him again in an arc that stands out for redemption: Vegeta remembers all the evil he did on his first trip to this planet and swears to redeem himself for his sins.

The confrontation against the villain will leave one of the most spectacular battles ever seen and how, despite the growth of their powers, the warriors are still far from being able to become gods. In the manga, this story lasted a total of 2 years , so the season probably lasts a long time and does not come out at the same time, but has the occasional break.

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