6 Best Free Online Student Attendance Applications

6 Best Free Online Student Attendance Applications

A teacher sometimes requires online presence to determine student participation in learning. Currently, various free online student attendance applications are available that educators can use for student attendance.

With an online presence , of course it will make it easier for educators and students. With a long distance, the two parties can already be connected. Here are some online and free student presence apks that can be used as references:

1. Talent Application

The first app that can be used for student attendance or attendance is the Talenta application. By using this one apk, students will find it easy to attend online . Meanwhile, teachers will also find it easier to manage data on students who are present and will find it easy to find students who are not present.

To be able to get this apk, students can download it through the apps store and can directly install it on their cellphones. The size of this apk is also not too big, only around 22 MB. Students are expected to fill in their personal data first to enter this apk.

2. Present application

Apart from Talenta, the apk that can be run to do online attendance is the Hadir apk. This application is very easy to use to make attendance attendance. Apart from being present for attendance, this apk can also be used to record student schedules and study hours.

Apart from being used by students, this apk can also be used by employees who are working. To be able to use this apk, one is expected to be able to download this app from the apps store first. The size of this app is not too big, which is around 18 MB.

3. Zoho Form

Zoho Form is a free online student attendance application that students can use. By using this one apk, it will be easy for teachers to find out student attendance. This Zoho Form Apk is also equipped with many features that users can use to make attendance.

There are interesting things when someone uses this apk. Students can sign online which can be used as proof of student attendance. The size of this apk is fairly small so it is suitable for cellphones with small memory.

4. Dcap SmartPresence application

The next app that students can use to make attendance is SmartPresence Dcap. This one application is certainly very easy for students to use because it looks quite simple. For teachers, this apk is also very useful to find out whether their students are participating in their teaching and learning activities or not.

There are lots of features or menus in this application and of course it will make it easier for someone to use Smart Presence. Some of these features include GPS, automatic recap, and so on. The appearance of this apk is quite simple but still unique.

To be able to get this apk, someone can download it through the apps store. After that, users can immediately install it on the cellphone for free. Once installed, users can use it by registering first, by filling in their personal data.

5. Google Form

This next free online student attendance application is also widely used by students to make attendance. Many teachers suggest that students take attendance by using the Google Form apk. Besides being easy to use, using the Google Form apk is also effective.

There are quite a number of features that can be used to make it easier to present students. The way this apk works is that the teacher makes attendance first. There are several components that must be included in this attendance including name, attendance number and so on.

After that, students can immediately respond by filling in the presence. This attendance is effective because in a long time, attendance can be recapitulated by using a spreadsheet. So that the teacher or educator will easily recapitulate student absences.

6. Google Classroom

In the past, Google Classroom was only available on the website. However, currently you can get the application version of Google Classroom. The function of Google Classroom itself is to collect assignments or homework given from teachers or educators. So that the collection will be more structured.

Apart from collecting assignments, it turns out that there is another function of the Google Classroom apk itself, namely to make attendance. This free online student attendance application can be filled in by students directly from the assignment menu. Previously, the teacher would provide an attendance format that students could fill in immediately.

To get this apk, users can directly search for it in the apps store. To be able to use it, users can fill in the required personal data. After that, students are also required to follow or join class groups. That is the condition for students to do precession.

Those are 6 free online student attendance applications that can be used as references and to facilitate students in taking attendance. Apart from students, the apk can also be used by people who are working in an office or a company. Good luck.

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