Check Instagram Unfollowers Without any Application

Check Unfollowers Instagram Without the Most Effective Application

Many Instagram users are curious about who has unfollowed their account. Currently, checking Instagram unfollowers without an application can be done easily. So there is no need to download additional applications that take up storage space on the device. Some are done manually, some are using the site.

Why are followers important? For some Instagram users, followers have a significant role because they are related to work, study, and so on. Even so, it’s normal to want to know who unfollowed people. What are some ways to check unfollowers?

1. Visit the Site

Users can use a fairly practical way to see which users have unfollowed their Instagram accounts, namely through the site. One of them that is widely used is No need to download the app, just follow these steps to check unfollowers easily:

  • Open the browser on each device. Type in the search field.
  • On the main page, tap “Add account” to add the Instagram account you want to check for unfollowers.
  • Login by typing the correct password.
  • After successfully logging in, enter the feature called “New unfollowers”. Here there is information about whose account has unfollowed.
  • Users can also receive notifications via email when there is the latest information regarding their Instagram unfollowers. This advantage is not found in many other platforms.

2. Access the Site

The next recommendation is to use a site called Here, users can find information about who is no longer following their IG account. Here are the steps to see a list of unfollowed users on Instagram:

  • Access the browser you normally use. Visit a website called fast-unfollow by typing it in the search field.
  • After entering the page, log in with the IG account used.
  • If the login is successful, tap on the “Check” icon which functions to check the account. With this command, users can immediately see a list of followers on their Instagram account.
  • How to check Instagram unfollowers without an application can be continued by tapping on the “Unfollow” option.
  • The site will display information in the form of a list of accounts that have unfollowed the account.

3. Using the Data Download Feature

Even though it doesn’t directly provide a feature to find out unfollowers, on Instagram there is a feature in the form of downloading data. Here users can see who their unfollowers are. This method is recommended to be accessed via a PC because it is easier. Here are the steps to use the feature:

  • Login to Instagram via the website. Look for the settings section by clicking on the profile photo at the top right.
  • Tap on the “Settings” option, continue by selecting “Privacy and security”.
  • Swipe down the screen until you are in “Data download”, then “Request download” / type in the email that is actively used to get the download results. Continue by clicking “Download”.
  • Wait for Instagram to send a copy of the Instagram account data. Usually the time needed to send the data is a maximum of 48 hours. After receiving the copy, look for the files named “followers.html” and “following.html”.
  • Next, enter the website via a browser. Press “Sort” then change the setting to “Sort A->Z”.
  • Open the files one by one, then copy all the data in “followers.html” to “List B”. Then the data in the “following.html” section can be placed in “List B”.
  • Continue by selecting “Compare list”.
  • Scroll down the screen, pay attention to the results of the comparison of the two data. Pay attention to the names in “B only”. These are the accounts that don’t follow back.

4. Checking the Number of Followers and Checking Their Profile

How to check Instagram unfollowers without an application can also be done manually. For users who regularly check the number of their followers, this method can be applied. Here are some stages:

  • Open a personal Instagram profile, then click on the “Followers” section to see a list of users.
  • Click on the suspected unfollowed user’s profile. This is not absolute, but it can be seen from how often the account is active.
  • Select the user’s profile, then click on the “Following” section of their account. Type in the personal account name, then if the name is not in the following list, it means that the user is not following.

5. Create Stories

An option that can also help IG users find out unfollowers is to create a story. On Instagram, this feature is quite busy and widely used. The possibility to view stories is much higher than regular posts. For that, users can find their information by this:

  • Open the Instagram application, then click on the profile picture at the top left where there is a blue plus (+) sign. This button is used to upload Instagram stories.
  • Upload stories, you can take photos, writing, videos directly, or you can also take files from the gallery.
  • Make sure to upload it at peak times when many people open Instagram. For example holidays, Saturday nights, 6 o’clock and above, and so on.
  • Pay attention to who sees the story. Check accounts that haven’t seen stories for a long time, there’s a possibility they won’t follow them anymore.

Those were several ways to check Instagram unfollowers without an application that can be done easily. The user can try several methods at once and find which one works best for him.

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