All endings in The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe

All endings in The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe

The Stanley Parable was one of those games that, with the few resources it had, knew how to hook the viewer from the beginning. This graphic adventure takes us to some offices where the protagonist realizes that, suddenly, he is completely alone. A voiceover that acts as a narrator will tell you what to do and the interaction between the two builds the development of the story, which has multiple endings . In fact, the Ultra Deluxe edition added a good handful of extras, we’ll help you get them all.

There are endings that are unlocked in such a specific way that you can possibly miss one or several. But calm down, because we will help you get them all and get the platinum trophy.

How to Get All The Stanley Parable Endings

The Stanley Parable ‘The Bottom’ Ending : Ultra Deluxe 

To get this ending, you need to get to the mind control area , for which you have to choose the door on the left as soon as you leave Stanley’s office, go up the stairs to the boss’s office and take the secret passageway down the hall. the elevator.

From there, instead of walking down the catwalks, hop on the chair and desk and drop off. This ending talks about a bug that the original game had and laughs at those who discovered it, offering them a real version and making fun of the new content added.

The Stanley Parable ‘The Elevator’ Ending : Ultra Deluxe

When you get off the elevator in the director’s office, don’t go out, but go back up and head to the boss’s office. Go up and down repeatedly until you unlock a new area, which is actually a conference facility filled with posters with your face and achievements on them. You will then advance to a stage full of people chanting your name, with the narrator laughing at your initiative and talent.

The Stanley Parable ‘The Warehouse’ ending: Ultra Deluxe

This ending is unlocked when, upon reaching the warehouse, instead of taking the forklift, you inspect the boxes. You’ll see an alternate path tiptoeing around the edge that will lead you to a vent, and this leads to a whole new area.

Upon arrival, the narrator will begin to repeat himself until you see a tape recorder , which he uses to laugh at you: if you thought that everything he had told you so far was a loop and that not everything in life is surprises and plot twists .

Final ‘WTF?’ de The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe

One of the funniest endings, no doubt. You have to take the door on the right at the beginning and fall from the elevator to the catwalk below. There, you will see two doors: take the blue one even if the narrator puts the red one back in front of you and repeat until the narrator gets angry and asks if you want to play something else. Then, several different minigames will start. After losing in all of them , the last one will take you to a Rocket League map , in which you have to score a goal: miss and fall through the hole in the goal

This will return you to the offices , which will be dark without any employees. Go back to your room, room 427, where you will see several devices turned on. The narrator will accuse you of wanting to be the lead all along.

Final ‘New content’ de The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe

It is the only ending that is unlocked only if you have achieved more than half of those that the game offers you. If this is your case, at the beginning there will be a door that says ‘new content’ and it will take you to the end of everything, restarting the level. Now a vent will open up and the narrator will encourage you to go through it.

Obey the narrator and you will reach a cabin where some boxes prevent entering it. He retraces his steps, goes down some stairs and crosses the door that was previously closed. Throughout the level, you will see the negative reviews of the game on Steam. In the end, you arrive at a kind of Olympus.

Final ‘The Stanley Parable 2’ de The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe

To unlock this, you must have already obtained the previous one, since you have to repeat the same steps. As you walk through the ‘New content’ door, there will be a neon sign. When you get to the museum where the tranquilizer cube is, grab everything there and take the stairs to the left.

Bucket in hand, you’ll come to some stands where the narrator quips about taking the original Stanley Parable and adding a few brief new features to it. Stanley Parable 2 now appears in the lobby . From now on, the cube will appear from the beginning, changing some endings from the original version.

Ending ‘A cube? ‘ from The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe

You will need to have Stanley Parable 2 unlocked . When starting a new game, a cube will appear at the door. Take it, continue the game as usual and when you reach the forklift in the warehouse, jump. Obey everything he tells you and you will end up arriving at a theater where the narrator will ask you a series of questions, whose answers are really indifferent .

The Stanley Parable ‘Collectible’ Ending : Ultra Deluxe

To unlock this ending it is mandatory to obtain all collectibles . When you have it, whatever you do, a new narrative sequence will appear, where you will go through new places and the narrator will laugh at you for thinking that you get a new trophy for collecting the items.

Ending ‘Epilogue’ of The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe

To get this ending, you must first unlock the collectible ending. It will appear in the main menu and you will have to press it. At that point, the narrator will ask you a series of questions. In the ending, he answers yes, which will cause text to appear mocking a possible third edition of the game.


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