The most powerful gods of destruction in Dragon Ball

The most powerful gods of destruction in Dragon Ball

With the end of Dragon Ball Z , we were all clear that there are no stronger fighters in the universe than Goku and Vegeta, the legendary Saiyans who had revalued the warrior race that was thought to be extinct. But the debate soon ended when Akira Toriyama resumed publication with Dragon Ball Super : in it, the first gods of destruction appeared, beings that are capable of destroying our beloved protagonists in less than a breath.

In fact, what the last series introduced was a reformulation of the power scale. Characters like Trunks, Piccolo, Goten or Gohan, who were not so far from the warrior duo, now show a greater gap in strength , mainly because they have reached new states thanks to their training with Beerus, the god of destruction of their world. .

This Egyptian cat-shaped character was the first we met. He defeated all the Z Fighters with hardly a sweat and even with training and making them better, he’s still light years ahead of them. But he is not the only one presented in the series: next to him there are 11 more, each representative of different worlds. In this guide, we will go over who are the most powerful.

The strongest gods of destruction in Dragon Ball Super

Before we begin, one difference needs to be clarified: Beerus is a god of destruction because he has earned it, unlike his guardian angel, Whis , who was appointed as belonging to a unique race dedicated to serving the gods. That is why he trains Goku and Vegeta, thinking of them as possible replacements for the previous one.

Likewise, the rest of the gods of destruction have followed their own paths of learning and are of different ethnic groups, so they do not all have the same power. Of the 12 that we know of, we can list the most powerful thanks to what is told in chapters 28 and 29 of the manga. These are:

Bills — Universe 7

In the battle of gods, he is the last one standing. There is no doubt about his power, being also very feared by his companions. You only have to observe how the rest agree to get together to defeat him, something that means that they have so much respect for him that they are aware that they are no match against him. The curious thing is that he dodges all the attacks without disheveled , which shows the huge gap between him and the rest of his companions.

We have no doubt, if Goku and Vegeta want to replace him, they are going to have to put a lot of energy into it: his ability to dodge his rivals simply by feeling them, his speed and his reading of the battle make him the strongest of all. He is perhaps the only one who could defeat Jiren in the entire universe… Luckily he is there to protect his brother Champa, god of destruction of Universe 6, otherwise…

Vermouth — Universe 11

He is in his last days and already has a substitute: Toppo, the warrior who once defeated Goku but who fell before the immensity of his power. This clown-shaped being was the only one who could stand up to Beerus… but he is not the most powerful in his universe , but this is Jiren. Even so, he showed a wide range of skills and that he had nothing to envy the Egyptian cat. He uses cards as weapons that he converts into ki and destroys anyone who touches them.

Liquir – Universe 8

Don’t be fooled by his endearing furry fox appearance : he’s one of the least benevolent gods out there, and he’s capable of destroying planets with the same concern as opening a door. In fact, his main motivation is to raise the average strength of his universe, for which he does not hesitate to kill the weakest.

Quitela — Universe 4

He is one of the most tricky and lazy gods , as he does not hesitate to use tricks to finish off his rivals. He is not the most powerful, but he is the one who knows how to take advantage of that dirty game to achieve his goals.

Rhumou-shi — Universe 10

It is quite forgiving, although the reason for this behavior is laziness: it does not kill because it does not want to exert itself. He is the only one, along with Champa, to appear before the tournament of universes arc , since from his universe he is Zamasu, Kaio’s apprentice who was the antagonist that merged with Black Goku. Of all his attacks, a huge roar stands out that paralyzes his rivals.


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